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A Winter Safety message from RNLI Sea Safety Arklow

Posted on December 5, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Mark Corcoran, Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer, RNLI Arklow

Mark Corcoran, Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer at RNLI Arklow Lifeboat advises:

With the dark evenings and winter extremes of weather now fully upon us, we are sending out our sea safety message to the community as a whole and also in particular to people who are working on the water, use pleasure craft on the water and more especially to everybody who uses the beaches, harbours walkways etc, in the area.

During extreme winter weather we all need to be extra cautious as conditions become more extreme. Colder water and air temperatures combined with swells that are powerful, winds that are more severe and currents that are more treacherous, make all of our interactions with the sea and lakes and rivers much more dangerous.

Recently we’ve seen in the media, both locally and nationally, the unpredictable nature of the weather and how it has cost people their lives. This has been true particularly here in the county of Wicklow.

Pier, Cliff and breakwater walking in high winds and rough weather is extremely dangerous. When you are going out for your walk our message is to steer clear of beaches, breakwaters, piers and cliffs to ensure your own safety during high winds particularly. Also always make sure to get the weather forecast and have a means of making contact with the emergency services should you get into difficulty. Its always a good idea to make sure to bring a friend if you do go out for your walk. At very least always tell someone else where you are going and also when you should be expected back.

If you work on the water or own a pleasure craft make sure you are aware of weather forecasts, tides and always wear a lifejacket. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during the year and wish everybody in the community a happy, peaceful and above all safe Christmas & New Year.

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