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Schull CRBI launch to boat on fire with 6 persons on board

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 8:40 AM

Schull Inshore Lifeboat. Photo: Schull CRBI

Schull CRBI were alerted by Valentia Coast Guard to a May Day call at 19.29hrs on Sunday the 30th August.

A motor launch with 6 persons on board - 2 adults and 4 children had sent out the distress call when their inboard petrol engine had caught fire, between Castle Island and Long Island.

Fearing a worsening situation, 1 adult and 4 minors on board all wearing life jackets had taken to the water. Luckily, a RIB in the vicinity, had responded and taken the persons out of the water and safely on board.

Schull CRBI arrived on the scene within 12minutes of the alert, and were able to take the remaining crewmember on board Schull Rescue, and tow the distressed craft to Schull pier.

The remaining crew from the water were also brought to Schull pier on board the RIB and were assessed and looked after by Schull CRBI crew on shore.

Schull Fire Brigade were on standby.

Baltimore Lifeboat were also tasked to the scene, but were stood down en route as the emergency dangers receded and became non-life threatening.

Crew on board Schull CRBI were Aidan Coughlan, Jackie O’Reilly, and Sebastian Otway.

Shore crew under command of Denis O’Regan, Hon. Sec. were Kevin Murray, Martin O’Sullivan, Vincent O’Regan, Michelle Looney, Mark McCarthy and Jasper Doherty.

Well done to all involved, and, demonstrating again, the benefits of simulated emergency exercises undertaken between Baltimore RNLI, Schull CRBI, and, Schull Fire Brigade over the years.

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