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Valentia RNLI and Ballinskelligs CRBI launch to fishing vessel going aground

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Valentia RNLI and Ballinskelligs CRBI go to aid of fishing vessel. Photo: RNLI/Valentia

Valentia RNLI launched yesterday afternoon (Monday 27 June) to a ten-metre fishing vessel going aground off Bolus Head.

The call for assistance came from Valentia Coast Guard at 3.44pm with Ballinskelligs Inshore Rescue and the Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 115 also tasked to respond.

The Ballinskelligs Inshore Rescue boat provided a tow to the vessel to remove it to safer water where RNLI Valentia lifeboat took over the tow.

After taking the fishing vessel under tow a short distance and freeing the obstruction to the propeller the skipper was able to continue on without assistance and the tow was parted. The fishing vessel continued on without incident and Valentia RNLI returned to station.

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