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Arklow RNLI Launch to Assist in Multi Agency Rescue near Courtown Harbour

Posted on August 12, 2017 at 9:35 AM

Following a pager alert by the Irish Coast Guard at 5.13pm on Friday evening Arklow Lifeboat was launched to assist flank station Courtown RNLI & Waterford based Rescue 117 Helicopter in an ongoing rescue.

Photo: RNLI/Brendan Dillon

Arklow Lifeboat proceeded to the scene approximately 1 mile east of Ardamine Beach, South of Courtown Harbour to assist Courtown Lifeboat and Irish Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 117 in an already active rescue.

Once on scene Arklow Lifeboat and her volunteer crew assisted the Courtown Volunteers, who were already in the water dealing with a casualty who had fallen from a “doughnut” which was being towed by a jet ski, the casualty had suspected spinal injuries.

To enable the rescue helicopter conduct an airlift safely, Arklow Lifeboat and her crew proceeded to clear the area of other vessels and other leisure craft which had put to sea from Courtown and various locations to try assist with rescue, following this Arklow Lifeboat took aboard 3 further casualties which had put to sea to try assist In the rescue but had ended up adrift.

Once the helicopter and Courtown Crew had completed the airlift of the 2 casualties from the water, Arklow RNLI proceeded to Courtown Harbour; the casualties were transferred to Courtown Lifeboat and brought ashore in Courtown Safely.

Arklow Lifeboat then returned to sea to locate a vessel that had been of assistance during the rescue, the vessel was located. Following this Arklow Lifeboat and her volunteers returned to station at Arklow.

Following the incident, Mark Corcoran, Arklow RNLI Community Safety/Press Officer said,

“Thanks to ongoing training, exercises and the professional approach of these volunteers, RNLI, Coast Guard and other agencies are able to work together safely as a unit to effect rescue in these difficult situations, this rescue gives us a strong and timely reminder of the need to Respect The Water & Carry a means of Calling for help when going on or near the water”

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