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RNLI lifeboats to join Search and Rescue partners in major Irish exercise

Posted on September 1, 2017 at 2:35 PM

RNLI lifeboats from Dunmore East and Kilmore Quay are due to take part in a major maritime exercise this Saturday (2 September) in Dunmore East, County Waterford.

Dunmore East All-Weather Lifeboat. Photo: RNLI/Nicholas Leach

The exercise which is held annually at different locations around Ireland is arranged by the Irish Maritime Search and Rescue Committee (IMSARC). The forum is made up of representatives from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, and the users and providers of marine Search and Rescue in Ireland including the RNLI.

The major exercise being held this weekend is designed to be as realistic to a real life maritime emergency as possible and to mirror potential sea and coastal based emergencies requiring the assistance of various Search and Rescue agencies.

The exercise will be led by the Irish Coast Guard with participants including the RNLI, Air Corps, Civil Defence, Comhairle fo Thuinn, (Irish Underwater Council), Commissioners Irish Lights, Dublin Fire Brigade, Harbour Masters of the Port of Waterford and Dunmore East, Health Service Executive, Inland Waters Safety, Naval Service, Naval Service Reserve and the Revenue Customs Service.

The ‘emergencies’ being staged during the day include an onboard fire, a shoreline search, a cliff rescue, a liferaft deployment from the CASA aircraft, a winching exercise, a casualty recovery from the harbour area and a water safety display from the RNLI and Irish Coast Guard. A parade of the maritime and air assets used in the exercises will take place at 4.15pm.

RNLI Lifesaving Manger Gareth Morrison said, ‘with the ever present need for all search and rescue assets to maintain high levels of operational readiness these exercises are vital to ensure the smooth and effective running of Search and Rescue in Ireland. While our volunteer lifeboat crews train all year for every type of emergency at sea, we welcome the chance to work alongside our colleagues in the other agencies to develop and understand how we work together while getting to know each other and what we are capable of carrying out in pressurised and stressful situations.’

Date: Saturday 2nd September 2017

Location: Dunmore East

Time: The main event will commence at 10:30am

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