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Arklow RNLI launch to assist motor cruiser caught in lobster pots

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Following a pager alert by the Irish Coast Guard at 3.20pm last Saturday (26 May) Arklow Lifeboat was launched to assist a motor cruiser which had become entangled in lobster pots.

Arklow RNLI assist motor cruiser entangled in lobster pots. Photo: RNLI/Brendan Dillon


Arklow lifeboat proceeded to the scene approximately one mile east of Mizen Head in moderate sea conditions. The 11-metre motor cruiser was located and an on-scene assessment was carried out by the lifeboat crew. It was decided to put a volunteer lifeboat crewmember aboard the stricken vessel to assist the onboard crew of two people who were also accompanied by their dog.


Efforts were made to release the entanglement and when this couldn’t be achieved a towline was established. The lifeboat crew towed the casualty vessel back, where the vessel and her crew were brought safely ashore at Arklow Marina.


Following the incident, Mark Corcoran, Arklow RNLI Community Safety Officer said, “Well done to the Skipper of this vessel for calling for help early, it’s a huge help to our crew when people act quickly. It helps ensure a successful outcome when we go to sea. We would always encourage people to carry a means of calling for help when they venture out on the water in any type of vessel.'

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