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Coast Guard Issues Advice for the August Bank Holiday

Posted on July 29, 2011 at 5:50 PM

The Irish Coast Guard today issued advice for holidaymakers and members of the public who are planning water based activities, cliff walking, fishing trips or any maritime recreational activities. For specific guidelines and information on any water and coastal activity, visit



Only swim at beaches and waterways that have Lifeguards on duty and pay attention to the safety flags. Ask the Lifeguard for advice about safety and water conditions and adhere to their instructions. Avoid using inflatable toys, such as lilos and rubber rings, on the water.

Cliff Walking


There is safety in numbers never be alone if possible. Let somebody know when & where you are going and what time you will be back . Stay well away from the cliff edge, both top and bottom. Don't attempt to rescue people or pets if they fall over the edge. If assistance is required dial 112 and ask for Coast Guard.

Water Sports and Coastal Activities


Before going to sea check local weather conditions and tides in the area. Wear correctly maintained and fitting lifejackets that are suitable for the activity. Lifejackets are of no use unless they are worn. Ensure your craft is fit for purpose.


Do not overload the craft. If you are in difficulty or see someone in difficulty and requiring assistance dial 999/112 and ask for Coast Guard.

Swim, walk, boat, surf, sail, canoe and enjoy our cliffs, beaches, seas, and waterways this weekend - but do it safely.

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