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Joint Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat/Rescue Helicopter exercise

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 5:55 PM

Crew member from EI-RCG is winched onto Bundoran lifeboat. Photo : Richard Gillespie

Report by Shane Smyth, Lifeboat Press Officer, Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat

As part of the on-going cooperation between local rescue services, Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat took part in a winching exercise with members of the Sligo based rescue helicopter EI-RCG over Donegal Bay on Sunday morning.

The exercise, coordinated by MRSC Malin Head, lasted just less than ten minutes, and enabled Bundoran RNLI lifeboat crew on board the Atlantic 85 William Henry Liddington to practice the routine of receiving a winchman onto the boat in the open sea from the helicopter overhead and then allowing him to be winched back to the helicopter minutes later.

Tony McGowan, Lifeboat Operations Manager for Bundoran RNLI lifeboat commented ‘we were delighted to accommodate our colleagues aboard EI-RCG which of course when tasked for a rescue is known as Rescue 118. It’s an important part of the training for both services and can ensure that a rescue goes smoothly’

Head Helm Daimon Fergus said ‘exercises like this are vitally important for the crew to undertake. It familiarises each service with equipment, personnel and what is expected of them in emergency situations. Keeping the boat at the same speed as the helicopter to allow safe transfer can sometimes be tricky but training and getting it right can save vital time in an emergency’

Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat trains twice weekly for every kind of scenario and is on call 24 hours a day all year round.

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