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Skerries RNLI receive two call outs in 24 hours

Posted on July 4, 2018 at 6:00 AM

Skerries RNLI launched on Tuesday afternoon (03 July) shortly after 1.30pm after a motorboat with two persons on board called Dublin Coast Guard via VHF radio and reported that they were taking on water near Rockabill lighthouse.

Rescue 116 Dropping the salvage pump on colt island. Photo: RNLI/Gerry Canning

The lifeboat was launched with volunteer Philip Ferguson at the helm and Emma Wilson and Joe May as crew, ensuring that they had loaded the salvage pump aboard.

They proceeded in the direction of Rockabill and quickly had the stricken boat in sight. Once on scene they transferred the salvage pump, which was quickly set up and began pumping water from the boat as they continued to head towards Skerries harbour.

Dublin Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 had also been tasked and was soon on scene and standing by. There was a concern that the salvage pump being used may run out of fuel before the casualty reached Skerries. So, after communications with the helicopter, it was decided to transfer an additional pump. The safest method of doing this in the conditions, was to transfer the pump, along with a winchman, to Colt island, where the lifeboat then picked it up and brought it to the casualty.

Once both pumps were operational, the lifeboat and helicopter both escorted the vessel to the safety of Skerries harbour. Skerries Coast Guard unit then secured the Red Island landing site for R116 to touch down and recover their winchman.

Less than 24 hours earlier, on Monday afternoon (02 July), shortly after 2.30pm, the lifeboat was tasked to a kayaker who was struggling to get back on board his craft having entered the water.

Lifeguards on the South Beach in Rush alerted Dublin Coast Guard that a kayaker had entered the water and appeared to be having difficulty getting back on board. Skerries RNLI were tasked and the volunteers launched their Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat with Joe May at the helm and crewed by Eoin Grimes and Sheila May.

As the lifeboat approached Rush beach, they liaised directly with Lifeguards who were able to guide them directly to the casualty. Just before the lifeboat arrived, the man had managed to get back on his kayak and had begun to make his way ashore. The lifeboat crew spoke to the man and he assured them that despite being tired, he was happy to make his own way ashore. He was met at the shoreline by the Lifeguard who offered him assistance.

Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 were also tasked, and as they had begun their operational path out of Dublin Airport proceeded to the scene before being stood down.

Speaking after today’s call out, volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer for Skerries RNLI, Gerry Canning said: ‘Today was a great example of how well the different organisations work together. It’s also showed the difference it can make having the right equipment, and making the call for help as early as possible’

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