Fethard https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/ Fethard Fethard In 2002 a bungalow was purchased near Fethard Point. It was converted to provide crew facilities and house the stations ILB and Land Rover. Photo : Albert Bridge https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=148094737 148094737 Tradewinds D-683 has served as Fethard ILB since 2007. Photo : Barry Moule https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=148094738 148094738 Tradewinds The IB1 (D class) normally has a crew of three or 4 and is primarily used for surfer/swimmer incidents as well as assisting in cliff incidents where the casualty is near the water. Photo : Barry Moule https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=148094739 148094739 Tradewinds Photo : Barry Moule https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=148094741 148094741 Land Rover LR88 The Land Rover was provided to enable the ILB to launch from a number of sites on both sides of the Hook Peninsula. The current Land Rover based at Fethard is LR88. Photo : Barry Moule https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=148094740 148094740 Fethard Lifeboat D-683 and LR88 outside Fethard lifeboat station in July 2012. Photo : Tom Nolan https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=159517905 159517905 Fethard RNLI launch to kitesurfer in difficulty off Duncannon Fort In a callout that was virtually identical to one last January, Fethard RNLI was launched on Sunday afternoon (8 May) to reports of a kitesurfer in difficulty off Duncannon Fort. As with the previous callout the kitesurfer made it ashore safely and was then picked up by the lifeboat?s landrover. The Fethard lifeboat was launched at 4.20pm when a member of the public raised the alarm after seeing what they thought was a kitesurfer and two windsurfers in trouble near Duncannon Fort. However the two windsurfers were assisting the kitesurfer after he went into the water and was unable to get back up and was struggling. The windsurfers brought him closer to shore but with a strong tide were not able to bring him safely in themselves. The Fethard lifeboat was en route to Duncannon beach to be launched when the kitesurfer managed to swim to shore himself. He then made his way from the beach inland where he was picked up by the lifeboat landrover. Conditions on the day were calm with good visibility. Commenting on the callout Fethard RNLI Launching Authority Hugh Burke said, ?This is the second callout of a similar nature in the last five months and about the sixth in the last three years. The tide in this area is extremely strong and many people are caught out by it, especially when the weather looks fine. The depth of the water shifts quite dramatically and people don?t realise they are on the edge of a major shipping lane. We would urge people to be extremely careful when they are in this area and to take proper safety advice. Thankfully the windsurfers were on hand to give assistance and a vigilant member of the public raised the alarm, however it could have ended very differently.? https://www.irishlifeboats.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=201735323 201735323