Achill Island Achill Island Achill Island Lifeboat Station The current lifeboat station house opened in 2004 located at the southern end of Achill Sound. The new building provides housing for the stations boarding boat along with modern crew facilities. Photo : Barry Moule 156803109 Sam and Ada Moody Trent Class 14-28 Sam and Ada Moody has served as Achill Island lifeboat since 1999. Photo : Barry Moule 156803108 Boarding Boat BB-512 The Achill Island lifeboat is usually moored afloat. A boarding boat is used to transport the crew from the lifeboat station to the ALB. The current boarding boat based at the station is BB-512. Photo : Barry Moule 156803111 Launch Tractor Achill Island Launch tractor TA69 is used to launch the boarding boat which transports the crew to the ALB. Photo : Barry Moule 156803112