Irish Lifeboats

The definitive guide to the Irish lifeboat service

Dun Laoghaire

The first lifeboat station at Dun Laoghaire opened in 1817 and was operated by the Dublin Ballast Board. The RNLI took over the station in 1862 and a new lifeboat house was built close to the East Pier. In 1890 a second lifeboat was introduced. It was moored in the harbour. In 1901 a new lifeboat house and slipway was built for No.2 lifeboat between the Carlisle Pier and the National Yacht club. No.1 lifeboat was withdrawn in 1911 and the 1862 built boathouse was closed. In 1963 the stations ALB moved to new moorings close to the Mail Boat Pier. In 1986 an inshore lifeboat station was established and the 1862 boathouse was refurbished to house the ILB. A new station house was constructed on the siteof the 1901 boathouse was completed in 2000.
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