Irish Lifeboats

The definitive guide to the Irish lifeboat service


A lifeboat station was first established at Tramore in 1858. The original boat house was located about half a mile to the west of the town. A new lifeboat house was built in 1895 located close to the promenade. The station was temporarily closed in 1921. Tramore lifeboat station was permanently closed in 1924 when a motor lifeboat was placed on station at Dunmore East. An inshore lifeboat station was established by the RNLI in 1964. Tramore was one of the first Irish stations to operate a D class inshore lifeboat. The ILB operated from a boathouse at Elizabeth Cove. In 1967 the ILB moved new premises shared with independent Tramore Sea Rescue Association. A new lifeboat house was built in 1996 just up the road from the previous boathouse. The station became operational all year round rather than summer only.
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