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Photo Gallery

D (IB1) class lifeboat

IB1 class lifeboats are inflatable boats serving in the RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) fleet. Although they are known as the "IB1" at times, they are the latest development of the D class lifeboat and as such are mainly referred to as a "D-Class". This class of lifeboat is one of the smallest operated by the RNLI, and they are becoming a common sight at Lifeboat Stations round the coast. Unlike other members of the ILB fleet the IB1 (D-class) does not have a rigid hull, all others with the exception of the Arancia, hovercraft & ALB Tenders are Rigid Inflatable Boats or RIBs. The IB1 normally has a crew of three or 4 and is primarily used for surfer/swimmer incidents as well as assisting in cliff incidents where the casualty is near the water.
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