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B Class (Atlantic 85) Lifeboats

The Atlantic 85 is the third generation of RNLI B-class Atlantic inshore lifeboats that served the shores of the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the RNLI fleet.

The hull is made from a carbon fibre and foam core laminate that minimises the internal structure whilst maintaining overall stiffness. The foam is a very tough material that has the ability to absorb and recover from high impact loads such as pounding through waves at speed. 

With a crew of four, and two inversion-proof 115hp petrol engines, the lifeboat is capable of speeds in excess of 35 knots, and is fitted with a manually operated righting system which, combined with inversion proofed engines, allows the boat to remain operational even after capsize.

Atlantic 85 Facts 

Introduced: 2005

Length: 8.44m

Width: 2.85m

Load: 1.8 tonnes

Launch Type: Carriage, davit or floating baothouse

Fuel Capacity: 210 litres

Crew: 4

Range: 2.5 hours at maxium speed

Engines: 2 x Yamaha 4-stroke at 115hp each

The table below is a list of Atlantic 85 lifeboats serving RNLI stations north and south of Ireland.

Lifeboats listed in YELLOW are under construction.

Note: Table below will contain details of all Atlantic 85 production craft. This a work in progress. Any further information will be welcomed.

Lifeboats highlighted in GREEN are/were based at Irish Lifeboat stations.

Lifeboats listed in YELLOW are under construction.  


(1) Prototype Atlantic 85 (B-PO2). Thought to have been scrapped.

(2) On a two-year trial for evaluation. Moored temporarily on a swinging mooring in the Pool at St. Peter Port.

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