Crosshaven Crosshaven Crosshaven The lifeboat house was built in2002. The stations Atlantic 75 ILB is launched by davit system. The new house offers very modern crew facilities. Photo : Barry Moule 147780805 Crosshaven A piled platform supports the entire station. The structure contains a boathall, a crew training room, equipment room, mechanic's stores & workshop, station office/operations room. Photo : Barry Moule 147780807 Crosshaven The boat is stored on a small trolley which travels on rails. This is rolled out to the davit (crane) at the edge of the platform, where the boat is craned into the water with the crew on board. This is a very efficient method of launching, allowing us to maintain our current turnout time of about five minutes in all weathers. Photo : Barry Moule 147780804 Crosshaven Prior to the opening of the new station house, Crosshaven RNLI had worked for over two years from the Royal Cork Yacht Club. The Yacht Club generously provided facilities to allow the RNLI set up a station and also provided a marina berth for the lifeboat. The boat was kept afloat on the main Club marina, and a small 7'x7' container was used for crew gear. A 20' portakabin was used as the main operations centre. Photo : Barry Moule 147780806 Crosshaven The boat is stored on a small trolley which travels on rails to the launching davit. Photo : Barry Moule 147780809 Miss Betty The current Crosshaven lifeboat is B-782 Miss Betty. Photo : Barry Moule 138959380 Miss Betty B-782 has served Crosshaven lifeboat station since 2002. In 2011 Crosshaven was once again one of the busiest stations in Ireland with 46 service launches carried out. Photo : Barry Moule 138959381 Robert George Alexander B-744 Robert George Alexander providing relief Cover at Crosshaven during November 2012. Photo: Barry Moule 169837151 Robert George Alexander B-744 Robert George Alexander was new to Clacton-on-Sea lifeboat station in 1998. B-744 served at Clacton until it was replaced by B-863 David Porter MPS in Autumn 2012. B-744 then became part of the relief fleet. Photo: Barry Moule 169837152