Larne Larne Larne The current station is in use since 1997. The building was refurbished to provide crew facilities, storage for the ILB, Boarding Boat and the stations Land Rovers.Photo : Pat Nolan 133237466 Hannabella Ferguson D-646 Hannabella Ferguson has served the station since 2005. Photo : Pat Nolan 133237467 Larne BB-061 Photo : Pat Nolan 133237468 Larne LR87 is used to transport the ALB crew between the station and the ALB berth located within the ferry port. Photo : Pat Nolan 133237469 Larne LR65 is used to transport the ILB and it's crew to the launching slipway. Photo : Pat Nolan 147761964 Dr John Mc Sparran Trent Class 14-30 Dr John Mc Sparran has served the station since 2000. Photo : Pat Nolan 133237470 Dr John Mc Sparran The ALB mooring berth is located within the ferry port. Photo : Pat Nolan 133237471 Larne RNLI rescue four people from yacht in difficulty off Antrim coast On Thursday, July 7th 2016 Larne RNLI came to the aid of four people after their 16m yacht got into difficulty off the County Antrim coast. The volunteer crew was requested by Belfast Coastguard to launch both their all-weather and inshore lifeboats after it was reported that a large yacht had sustained engine failure a mile north east of Muck Island. Arriving on scene, the lifeboat crew observed that one of the four people onboard was suffering from sea sickness. Crew members from the inshore lifeboat went aboard to provide casualty care to the seasick individual while the all-weather lifeboat crew started to prepare the yacht for towing. Once a towline was established, the all-weather lifeboat began the passage to Carrick Marina. Due to the large size of the vessel, Larne RNLI?s inshore lifeboat was used to assist with manoeuvring the yacht in the confines of the marina. Photo: RNLI/Larne 202172893