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Relief ALB Fleet Locations

Locations of the relief ALB fleet by class. Location data from AIS feed. Information given in good faith but may be subject to change.

Last Updated 01/03/23 @11:15hrs

Mersey Class

Relief Mersey Class lifeboat 12-010 Lily and Vincent Anthony. Photo: RNLI/Andy Green

Shannon Class

Relief Shannon Class lifeboat 13-12 Cosandra. Photo: Dave James

Relief Shannon class 13-27 is currently temporarily on station at Wicklow until arrival of the stations new permanent Shannon class lifeboat.

Trent Class

Relief Trent Class lifeboat 14-08 Douglas Aikman Smith. Photo: RNLI/Michael MacDonald

Tamar Class

Relief Tamar Class lifeboat 16-06 Frank and Anne Wilkinson. Photo: Pat Nolan

Severn Class

Relief Severn Class lifeboat 17-17 Fraser Flyer (Civil Service No. 43). Photo: Barry Moule

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