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Rescue Water Craft (RWC)

Photo Credit: RNLI/Enniskillen

The Rescue Water Craft (RWC) is a jet ski operated and equipped for search and rescue. Being water jet driven the hazard of the propellers is removed and the shallow water capability enhanced.

The RWC can carry two crew members and are capable of speeds of up to 65mph. The RWC can be found at most beaches patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards.

In May 2009 two Rescue Water craft (RWC) took up station on Lough Erne. RWC-052 based at the upper lake station at Carrybridge and RWC-054 based at the lower lake station at Enniskillen. A third, RWC-053 acts as a relief and is stored at Carrybridge station.

The RWC can enter shallow water and navigate the small islands, which populate Lough Erne making the RWC a welcome addition to the station.

Photo Credit: RNLI/Enniskillen

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